The challenge:  Reach thousands of independent animal welfare organizations and provide access to order significantly discounted vaccines and other pharmaceuticals with a cost effective approach.

Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health) wanted to support the animal welfare community in a meaningful way.   By providing significantly discounted vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, these groups would be able to reallocate the money saved to their mission – saving the lives of homeless pets.

The solution:  INPEx started with a ROI² strategic plan – a plan tailored to meet the goals of both Zoetis and the thousands of shelters they wanted to support. The plan detailed how we could:

  • Provide great customer service utilizing Tech~Touch®:  Map all the touch points in the relationship and determine which steps should be automated “Tech”, and which required more of a human “Touch”.
  • Turn independent shelters into a marketable channel:  Create a comprehensive database of all customer and prospect interactions to precisely target communications and control distribution to ensure all pharmaceuticals are used by the shelters in a prescribed manner under the supervision of a veterinarian.
  • Build a powerful technology tool platform:  Simplify transactions with an easy to use e-commerce site specifically built for shelters.
  • Give business managers real time, detailed results reporting:  Deliver results dashboards to program managers and shelter sales specialists so we can celebrate success and identify areas to correct.

The results: In the first two years, participating shelters have saved nearly five million dollars on their pharmaceutical purchases.  So far, the program has been enthusiastically embraced by nearly 10% of all shelters and rescue groups in the US.

Importantly, veterinarians have embraced the program because it supports animal welfare, and helps shelters save the lives of tens of thousands of pets each month – future potential clients!

Finally, Zoetis has exceeded their business objectives for supporting animal welfare with a cost effective infrastructure that meets the needs of everyone involved.