Wow! Innovative Zoetis for Shelters Program Hits $20MM Milestone

Zoetis for Shelters videoINPEx is very proud to celebrate a major milestone for one of our client programs, Zoetis for Shelters. This award-winning program supports thousands of local neighborhood animal shelters with expert tips, product donations, and valuable discounts on vital necessities.  As you can see in this video, the cost savings are very powerful, as they directly increase the mission-delivery capacity of the shelters.

Zoetis for Shelters Program Milestone

We are thrilled to report and celebrate that Zoetis for Shelters has saved local animal shelters more than $20MM to date. This milestone represents more than just a significant cost savings.  These are lives at stake.  In 2015 alone, this program has enabled the adoption of 1.8MM additional animals into loving homes. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Zoetis overcame the inherent challenges of launching and scaling up a program directed to thousands of individual local organizations to achieve sustainable social impact.  Thank you for your commitment to social innovation in the animal welfare space Zoetis!

zoetis for shelters

Zoetis for Shelters - kittenZoetis For Shelters - infographic1

“The Zoetis for Shelters program is a blessing for all of us in the rescue field. Every dollar we can save will help us save another life.”

– Sue Maher, Noah’s Kingdom Humane Society

Zoetis For Shelters - infographic2

“We’re continually amazed with the dedication of our member shelters and with everybody who works so hard in the shelter community. We’re so proud to support you.”

– Brenda Foster, Zoetis for Shelters Program Manager

Zoetis For Shelters - infographic3

“It is very exciting to have company so in tune with the needs of shelter and rescue programs such as ours.”

– Dixie Lott, Board Member & Treasurer, Community Cats Of Charlotte

Zoetis For Shelters - infographic4

1. Based on actual member data through November 12, 2015.
2. Adoptions projection based on member organizations’ self reported adoption volumes.
3. Based on Zoetis shipping records.
4. Shelter savings based on projected member purchases through December 31, 2015.
5. Based on 6 oz bowl of dry food at a price of $1.50/lb.
6. Based on a price of $.40/lb.
7. Based on a price of $2.75/collar.

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