Want to Drive Business? Help Millennials TAKE ACTION

Research shows that Millennials want companies to provide share-worthy experiences that help them take action for good causes, technology makes this feasible

Brands need to think differently, engage differently, and communicate differently to appeal to Millennials, a generation that yields $200 Billion in buying power. It is well-documented that the vast majority of today’s consumers (including Millennials) want to see companies be more socially responsible. Millennials take this a step farther.  They want to JOIN FORCES with companies and play an active role in solving the world’s problems. This nuance is a major engagement opportunity for brand marketers and corporate foundations. Are you delivering against this Millennial request? Your competitors will be soon, if they’re not already.

Millennials Want to Take Action

The Future of Business Citizenship MSLGroup found that:Millennials corporate social reponsibility

  • 83% of Millennials say businesses need to do more to help create positive change, and are willing to work with brands to achieve it.
  • 69% of Millennials want companies to MAKE IT EASY for them to actively participate in solving the world’s problems

In the same study, we see that most Millennials define citizenship in terms of actions, as opposed to a focus on dollars donated:

  • More than 80% of Millennials define active citizenship as:
    • participating in the community
    • doing what you can when help is needed
    • volunteering time to help others

Another factor making action-oriented cause marketing campaigns optimal for Millennials is their appreciation for “experiences.”

  • In the study Millennials: Fueling the Experience Economy, 72% say they would like to increase their spending on experiences rather than physical things in the next year, pointing to a move away from materialism and a growing demand for real-life experiences.

It’s time to build cause-related engagement strategies into your marketing mix.

Pacific Foods Certainly Listened to Millennials

Pacific Foods’ #NourishEveryBody campaign says:

“Don’t just take a photo. Take Action”

In this Pacific Foods campaign example, tagging a photo on social media triggers a donation of a healthy meal to a family that is food insecure.  Watch the video.

Pacific Foods cause marketing CSR

There are MANY different types of consumer “actions” that a brand could help facilitate. The possibilities are endless actually.  Work with your cause partners to develop a customized action and campaign that is both authentic and strategic.  Find a way to engage your target customers with your brand values that delivers measurable social impact AND measurable ROI.

Social Impact Powered Up by Technology

In the past, large-scale consumer engagement programs where cost prohibitive and logistical nightmares. There just weren’t enough resources.

The playing field has changed.

Thanks to advances in consumer activation technology, the prevalence of smart phones, and the reach of social media you can scale up consumer engagement affordably.

It is now possible for companies to provide consumers with a DIRECT EXPERIENCE of their brand values…an experience that is authentic and share-worthy.

The Millennials Have Spoken. Are You Listening?

“I want to be inspired. Help me understand very clearly what I can do to help address large problems.”

 “I need one thing to respond to. What do you want me to do?”

Source: Millennial Impact Report – Case Foundation

Millennial engagement quotesMillennials are driving a new era of corporate responsibility, communications and engagement. They want to join forces with brands to make the world a better place. The brands that do that first, and most authentically, will win.

What are you waiting for?

Email me to discuss ways your brand can empower consumers to TAKE ACTION though memorable brand experiences.

You can learn more about the measurable business value of cause partnerships in our recent post:  Emotional Marketing Drives Business, Stop Squandering Cause Partnerships

Image Credit: Drink Juice

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