3 Ways to Create Measurable Business Value via Employee Volunteer Programs

It’s definitely time to get started on making your employee volunteer programs more strategic and effective. INPEx recently participated in the 2016 Charities@Work conference, attended by many corporate leaders. The overarching sentiment from the presenters was clear:  There is measurable strategic business value in moving toward more strategic, year-round employee volunteer programs – and companies […]

What Does the SCALE Say About the Success of Your Cause Partnerships?

Right about now, many people are looking at their bathroom scale in disbelief, shock and even anger. Ugh. Aunt Edna’s holiday cookies have struck again, and -somehow- that one week stint at the gym did not solve the problem. The scale has spoken.  You are not realizing your potential…far from it. Bottom line, you’ve got […]

Proof That Employee Engagement Is Great For Business & What to Do About It

We all know, intuitively, that employees are the life blood of any organization. Well, it’s more than a hunch. Many studies have proven the huge business benefits and dollar values associated with employee engagement.  This should get your attention: Companies with engaged employees have 28% higher gross margins, 18% higher productivity, and 37% less absenteeism.  […]