Pfizer – Revolution® (Selamectin) Donation Program

Pfizer Animal Health wanted to help local animal shelters address parasite infestation among the cats and dogs being cared for in their facilities. And many pet owners do not understand the effects of parasites on the health of their pet – nearly 77 percent of cats and 55 percent of dogs may not be adequately protected against heartworm and fleas. (Veterinary Economics Survey, Lieberman Research). Parasites such as heartworms, for instance, can cause substantial damage to the heart and lungs before the animal shows any signs of disease.  Heartworms compromise the circulatory system and can eventually lead to death.  In addition to helping pets in the shelter, and saving shelters huge amounts in their medical budgets, Pfizer had to help shelters to educate adopters, so the pets would be protected in their forever homes too. Pfizer had something that could help.

  • Distribute free doses of Revolution® (Selemectin) to animal shelters nationwide to help protect the pets in the shelter – increasing overall adoptability and creating an expanded customer base for this recently launched new product line.
  • Drive new adopters to their local veterinarians with money saving coupons and education information on how to continue this vital protection for their newly adopted pet
  • Maintain strict product efficacy and usage guidelines with all shelter partners and veterinarians.
    • INPEx identified and recruited target segments within its database of 14,000 animal welfare groups that were most appropriate for the criteria and compliance measures of the program and distributed 200,000 doses of Revolution® to care for their shelter pets.
    • Secondary targets were identified for a subsidized sales program that still helped protect shelter pets but also generated a new revenue stream for Pfizer
    • Revolution Brand marketing materials were developed for shelters to use in the shelters; on their local TV and radio appearances; and in newsletters to their donors and adopters.
    • Our Tech-Touch® activation system was the key to gaining more than 700 select animal welfare organizations nationwide. This system included on-boarding, training, compliance monitoring, and reporting.
  • Shelters broadcast Revolution testimonials in their local media nationwide – delivering controlled content messages in the authentic voice of each community’s local, beloved shelter.
  • Significant increases in post 4-weeks purchase, purchase intent, awareness and message delivery was observed for all program adopters vs. the control panel of pet owners.
  • Significant increases in purchase intent, awareness and message delivery were observed for Donation Program adopters over non-program adopters. A directional increase (15% vs. 10%) was observed for past 4-weeks purchase.
  • A positive program ROI payout was calculated for both past 4-weeks ($1.68MM) and purchase intent ($5.67MM) driven by the incremental purchasers generated by the program (these are not additive).