Nestlé Purina is the number one U.S. pet care company in sales, volume and market share, representing 59% of global pet care sales. Faced with 14,000 independent animal shelters and rescue groups that come in all shapes and sizes, creating an effective and efficient engagement program was no easy task.

The leader of the cause engagement team at Nestlé Purina and her Chief Marketing Officer had a real challenge on their hands. How could they engage with the very large, very messy and disorganized Animal Welfare community in a way that is strategically aligned with all their different brands – and make it pay out with a bottom line ROI that they could measure?  INPEx overcame this challenge using effective strategies powered by our proprietary Tech-Touch® activation system.

  • Overcome the inherent challenges of launching and scaling up a cause marketing program directed to thousands of individual local organizations in order to achieve sustainable product sales and social impact
  • Build relationships, trust and loyalty with thousands of local animal shelters already jaded by previous marketers
  • Align with Purina’s strategic goals while creating meaningful social impact for the local animal welfare organizations, tracking all results.
  • Achieve program scale while maintaining tight controls
  • INPEx studied the DNA for all the Purina pet food brands, and determined that there were different segments within those 14,000 animal welfare groups that were most appropriate for the different pet food brands
  • Created brand-specific cause marketing programs, including the local-event-based Purina ProPlan Rally to Rescue brand. Each program was designed based on the best practices and pre-existing behavior that we enhanced and professionalized to the benefit of both Purina and the local cause partners.
  • Our Tech-Touch® activation system was the key to gaining enthusiastic participation from the targeted animal welfare organizations in local communities. This system included database-building, on-boarding, training, sales, program monitoring, and reporting.
  • The Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue event-based program included local events with individual animal welfare organizations, as well as larger more complex events with the participation of 10+ animal welfare organizations each – with all events branded and monitored for compliance standards. All participating local organizations were pre-vetted and received the precise support they needed to create consistently successful, win-win events.
  • INPEx took the 14,000 completely independent animal welfare organizations who have nothing to do with each other, or any overseeing governing body, and turned them into a powerful marketing and social impact channel
  • The Purina ProPlan Rally to Rescue program went from 40 events to thousands of high profile public events every year – flawlessly with superior branding.
    • When you have thousands of different events in different cities with different organizations on different dates during the year, if anyone had to keep track of all that – to guide it along and make sure the branding and messaging and outcomes were right – it would require an entire team of administrators. With our proven Tech-Touch® activation system, we accomplished this with just one person watching from behind the screen.
    • 912,000 attendees (pet owners)
    • The Animal welfare community loves the program, since it directly supports their mission delivery.
      • More than 600,000 adoptions have been attributed this program since its inception
      • These small local animal welfare organizations –often volunteer run- are thankful for the marketing support, the increased awareness generated through the events, and are able to raise thousands of dollars per event.  Simply put, the program helps them be more successful at an approach they were already doing.
  • The Purina ONE program fed 6,488 pets on a daily basis in 2012 with over 3MM lbs. of food, valued at $2.9M, donated, facilitating 110K adoptions annually.  $485k in product was sold for resale in shelter boutiques.
  • 5,700+ success stories were reported in 2012 with 40,000+ animals receiving doses of Fortiflora.  Many veterinarians were exposed to Fortiflora for the first time because of this program.
  • With our strategic guidance and Tech-Touch® activation system, Nestle Purina achieved all of these results without increasing their overall program budget