“INPEX helped us overcome the strategic and logistical challenges we faced taking our Jockey Being Family post-adoptive services backpack program to national scale. Within 2 months of launching our custom Tech~Touch® system, we were directly impacting over 2,000 adoptive families in all 50 states. This is a dream come true.”

–Cynthia Pielat, Director, Corporate Citizenship & Program Director, Jockey Being Family, Jockey International, Inc.

The Jockey Being Family Foundation, is a nonprofit organization committed to helping strengthen adoptive families for successful futures. With generous support from Jockey International, Inc., we are supporting newly paired families in a time when they need it most – during the critical period following an adoption. The Jockey “Being Family Friends” Backpack program supports this mission by distributing personalized backpacks and critical post-adoption support materials to newly adopted children and families nationwide. 

  • Make it affordable and feasible to rapidly scale up the Jockey Being Family backpack program from a regional pilot project to a national program with the ability to serve all adoptive families
  • Employee & consumer engagement with Jockey Being Family

INPEX provided a multi-phase tactical plan and new strategic approach to overcoming the logistical and financial challenges Jockey had faced with on-boarding adoption agency partners nationwide, managing the fulfillment process and achieving national program scale.

A Jockey Being Family Tech-Touch® portal-based approach has multiple stakeholder interfaces, effective automated workflows, and reporting. It is supported by a team of specialists trained in the nuances of this unique project.

  • Launch of New Approach and Tech-Touch Portal
    • Achieved national program expansion within 2 months of launch
    • Secured participation from adoption agency partners (304% increase) in all 50 states (178% increase)
    • Doubled mission delivery with a 111% increase in Backpack and post-adoption resources Parent Totes orders
  • Employee & Consumer Engagement:
    • 75% of Jockey associates volunteered more than 2,000 hours in 2015, both in headquarters and with charity checkout in all retail store outlets
    • Every element of the marketing mix was activated to drive sales and raise awareness and funds, including: retail stores, catalog, digital, customer loyalty rewards