A global Fortune 100 healthcare brand has a multi-million dollar long-term investment in a global nonprofit organization. Despite a deep commitment to the cause, a true desire to increase impact, and many employees who are already supporting the cause, they were not capturing the compelling stories and employee volunteerism data they needed effectively. They wanted to increase overall visibility of the partnership and key programs and to capture current volunteerism data and stories towards the goal of inspiring greater volunteer engagement via relevant opportunities in local communities. They needed a reliable way to make all of this happen efficiently, effectively and on a global scale – and that is exactly what INPEx delivered.

    • Increase visibility and overall interest in this cause partnership by capturing and sharing compelling stories
    • Increase levels of reported employee engagement activity by capturing volunteerism data and program inquiries
    • A system that could easily expand to accommodate all of the company’s cause partners and programs
      • Build a customized Tech-Touch® ENGAGE portal-based system to offers a simple and elegant interface with two-way communication for collecting and sharing powerful stories and real-time data about volunteerism and social impact associated with this partnership.
      • Create a centralized place to promote information and updates about the partnership, its specific programs, and the impact the company was making globally – so that employees feel part of the larger global momentum and effort.
      • Make it easy for employees to find a variety of ways to get involved locally and to report their activities, including having the right support and resources at their fingertips.
      • Real-time data dashboards for powerful reporting and analysis by management.
    • Overcame the challenge of how to capture volunteerism data and compelling stories of engagement with an important cause partner while raising visibility for corporate social responsibility and inspiring greater participation with the cause.
    • Specific results metrics will be added here after this system launches.