Five Awesome Videos to Inspire Your 2017 Approach – Enjoy!

One minute of video is equal to 1.8 MILLION words. Is your brand using video to connect with customers and employees? Five must-watch videos to inspire your team.

You know that age-old saying: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.”  Well, that’s chopped-liver next to video.  According to Forrester researcher, Dr. James McQuivey, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 MILLION words.  Is your brand using video to connect with customers and employees?  If you are doing cause marketing partnerships and corporate social responsibility right, you are using video to inspire and empower people to take positive action that leads to meaningful results. Doing so creates VALUE – strategic business value for your brand, valuable experiences for the viewers, and value for the cause partner.

If You’re Not Leveraging Video, You Should Be

Video is expected at this point…and it works. So, use it to support your strategic marketing goals, especially when it comes to your cause partnerships. Done right, people click through and they take actions. The strategic and creative use of video can unlock tons of value in your cause partnerships.

  • video enjoyment statistic According to a report published by Forrester, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.
  • 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, according to Invodo.
  • 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad, according to Online publishers association.
  • Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139% according to Unruly.
  • 76% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing, reported by Social Media Examiner via Envisa.
  • By 2019, it has been predicted that 80 percent of all Internet traffic will be to videos.

As you can see, there’s no turning back at this point.  You need to be using short, powerful videos to engage people with your cause partnerships, that is if you want to maximize value. SOURCES:  Hubspot; Forbes

Experience the Power of Video Yourself – 5 Purpose-Driven Examples

A video’s worth 1.8 million words, PRESS PLAY!

Apple – Autism App

Apple does a brilliant job of showcasing purpose and humanizing their brand with this beautiful story that showcases how their technology has completely changed the life experience for an autistic person.

TVC Thai Life Insurance – Unsung Hero

This inspirational video hits you right in the feels, inspiring you to be a better person. You just want to hug this insurance brand for sharing this story.

AD COUNCIL – Love Has No Labels

WOW. Such powerful visual storytelling in this campaign.  Video exploded the exposure of this incredible on-site event experience and message.

Morton Salt –  Walk Her Walk Featuring OK GO

Morton Salt tapped OK Go for this incredibly entertaining video that launches their Walk Her Way corporate social responsibility platform.  Millennials will eat this up (and Millennial wanna-bes like me).

Dove – Dove Real Beauty

This groundbreaking campaign launched in 2013 is just as powerful today and is an early example of the ability of video to relate to consumers in a highly personal way, creating brand evangelists and seismic shifts in thinking.

Storytelling. It’s powerful.  Your purpose-driving projects and partnerships hold a gold mine of value in their untold stories.  Find a way to use short videos to expand the reach of your messages and to inspire people to take measurable action. IMPORTANT TIP: Whether your video is highly branded or a soft sell, always be sure to include a CALL TO ACTION at the end, so the viewer can TAKE ACTION on the powerful emotions they just experienced.

Want to learn more about the value of emotional marketing in our recent blog post: Emotional Marketing Drives Business, Stop Squandering Cause Partnerships.  Here’s a teaser: “Research from Gallup and The Disney Institute suggests that organizations that optimize emotional connections outperform their competitors by 26% in gross margin and 85% in sales growth, creating emotionally engaged customers that are three times more likely to recommend and repurchase, are less price sensitive, and are less likely to buy from a competitor.”


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