eBay Giving Works identified an opportunity to expand charitable fundraising revenues using the eBay Giving Works Direct Selling Channel by packaging existing eGiving Works tools, creating new tools, and using INPEx’s Tech~Touch system.

  • EBay wanted to increase the number of nonprofits registered with the eBay Giving Works via PayPal Giving Fund, then increase activity and fundraising levels. A pilot program would be created to test the basic assumptions of the model, using learnings to create efficiencies needed for a large scale program.
  • INPEx created fun, engaging and easy to follow step-by-step training and resource materials to walk each non-profit group “by virtual hand” through the myriad of steps and processes required to register and execute eBay Giving Works online fundraising auctions.

    • Enhanced listings provided as a sales tool for each group
    • Tools provided to make mass uploads easier for auction listings
    • Video tutorials, manuals and strong support materials provided to increase participation
    • Email and social media communications strategy executed, including testing at targeted convention(s)
    • Nonprofit expertise utilized to create customized approaches to accommodate nonprofit challenges and meet nonprofit needs
  • An efficient, tech driven recruiting process created a significantly larger prospect list (#s not public)
  • Tangible results reported in real time, such as # of first purchasers & groups, # re-activated purchasers & groups, # of new Favorites, $ donated, # items sold, % of items sold

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