What’s Your Cause Marketing Hedgehog?

Whether you’ve read the fable of the fox and the hedgehog, or the writings of philosopher Isaiah Berlin or are a fan of Jim Collins’ book Good to Great, people have been talking about the Hedgehog Concept for centuries. In a nutshell, the Hedgehog Concept is all about focusing on one area and doing it […]

Falling in Love with Cause Partnership Activation

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! I definitely still have love on my  mind. Have you noticed that cause partnerships often follow the same progression as a new romantic relationship? At first, they are idealistic and hopeful. Then, after deeper dialogue and a number of experiences together, the partners get a truer sense of […]

Hey Nonprofits! Is Your Corporate Partnership Pitch Obsolete?

The days of 8-track tapes, pagers and one-sided corporate partnership asks are long gone.  While one might argue that the Hipster movement has made retro cool, corporations definitely do NOT have an appreciation for old fashioned cause partnership pitches.  If you are not inquiring about corporate goals and pitching relevant partnership activities of mutual strategic […]