Overcome employee volunteer program (EVP) challenges and increase results with nuanced strategies, easy-to-use tools, automated workflows, and support

Employee Volunteerism

Are your employee volunteer program numbers flat? Not capturing the data, story content, and social impact metrics you need? Having trouble impressing Millennials? Tech-Touch ENGAGE has the right balance of flexibility, automation, tools, and support you need to create results.

Cause Marketing

Give employees a chance to experience your brand values first hand by bringing your cause partnerships to life in their local neighborhoods. The right local activations supported by the right resources can create an army of happily engaged, loyal brand ambassadors.

Target Audiences

Great opportunity lies in engaging particular corporate groups the right way. We can help you move people up the continuum of engagement. Strategic programs tailored to groups like regional teams, managers, Millennials, and the most/least active volunteers create results.

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Tech-Touch® ENGAGE is an easy-to-use, highly interactive web and mobile interface, designed to enhance employee volunteer program experiences and results

CSR Programs Visibility

Promote current opportunities to get involved and share information and stories about your corporate social responsibility programs, goals and achievements

Strategic Cause Marketing

Our expertise in cause marketing helps you create effective employee engagement programs that also support strategic business goals, increasing ROI

Local Volunteer Opportunities

Make it easy for employees to get involved locally by presenting geographically relevant opportunities

Capture Data & Story Content

Our system captures the performance and compliance data and storytelling content you need

Tools & Resources

Tips, tools and resources at your fingertips make volunteer experiences positive

Internal Systems Integration

We can integrate with the other systems in place

Our portal-based system has the resources, tools, support and customized approach you need to drive engagement, awareness, and social impact.

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“INPEx built a platform for communicating and doing business with thousands of independent entities. It helped optimize our corporation's ability to use technology plus the right amount of personal touch to effectively develop and grow business relationships. On key projects, INPEx’s work led to significantly better results with less investment.”
-Brenda Bax
Former Director, Marketing, Strategic Initiatives, Nestle Purina Pet Care