• The key to maximizing ROI on national cause partnerships is local activation. We have the unique expertise required to provide the strategic guidance you need. Deliverables include a custom tactical plan which serves as a detailed roadmap for local activation that incorporates input from a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

  • Tech~Touch is our unique combination of cloud-based technology (“tech”) plus trained program support teams (“touch”) that enables our clients to scale up cause marketing programs quickly. Tech~Touch is an easy-to-use, highly interactive web and mobile friendly interface, built and tailored specifically to your strategic goals, optimized for return on investment.

  • How do you engage target audiences in programs and events at scale? INPEx’s proven local activation approach provides the right tools, communications and support at the right time so people actually use them. Real time reporting dashboards and nuanced support options creates positive results and continuous improvement.

  • Studies show that the dollar value of an engaged employee is $2,400. It’s no surprise that volunteerism is now the core around which companies are building employee engagement strategies and programs. We help our clients create real value through employee volunteer programs that appeal to key audiences and achieve strategic results.

  • We can build you a sustainable marketing and sales channel for selling products to the passionate supporters of local nonprofit organizations/chapters nationwide. Typically, this type of sales outreach was cost-prohibitive and too labor-intensive. We’ve solved those challenges. Our Nestle Purina case study did it successfully with thousands of events.

  • Need sales support? The cause-related sales programs we created and administer for several of our Fortune 500 clients achieve 7-figure annual sales. Check out our Pfizer case study to see how we created an entirely new, very successful social impact discounted sales channel to nonprofits ---that the nonprofits actually LOVE.

  • We have guided nonprofits in corporate partnerships, cause-related marketing, brand strategy, strategic planning, for over 30 years, including peer group programs, and training seminars that increase “fundability.” On average, our 5,700+ training attendees have experienced a 22% increase in overall funding levels after only one year.

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