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It's Planning Cycle Time! Evaluate Your Cause Partnership Strategies & ROI

It's Planning Cycle Time! Evaluate Your Cause Partnership Strategies & ROI

It’s Planning Cycle Time! Evaluate Your Cause Partnership Strategies & ROI

If you are like most of our corporate clients you are probably heading into your 2017 planning and budgeting cycle pretty soon (I know, time flies- right!?). Now is a great time to take a look at how your cause partnerships are performing against your strategic partnership goals (please tell me you have strategic goals set up!) and important consumer trends.  Your cause marketing investments, like any strategic partnership, should be analyzed periodically so you can make adjustments to strategies and tactics as necessary to optimize return on investment –and, in this case, also social impact.

How are you doing? Where do you need to improve?

How well are you using the partnership to build emotional connection with consumers?

How well are your partnerships driving leads and revenue?

How well are you leveraging the national or global footprint of your partnerships?

How well are you activating around the partner programs that have the best strategic fit?

How many employees are engaged with your cause partners? How often? Where? How many were first-time volunteers? How was the experience?

How many stories, images and videos were collected and shared to build momentum and participation?

How do your results compare to the previous year?

What do you wish you could accomplish through these partnerships?

Establishing an effective cause partnership activation strategy and measurement system are vital for optimizing positive outcomes. Make sure you have a plan in place that will drive results. Strategic Action Plans happen to be one of our specialties at INPEx, in case you need some help with that.

Consumer Trend Alert: "Acting Local Pays Big Dividends"

cause partnerships in local communitiies“Solving global problems is important, but meaningful connections also must take place at the local level.  A majority of our respondents-including nearly three-quarters of Prosumers-are looking for their favorite brands to play a bigger role in their local communities.”

Be sure to take a good look at how you are bringing your cause partnerships to life for people in local neighborhoods.

According to the recent study by HAVAS Worldwide “Project Super Brand,” 72% of Prosumers and 55% of mainstream consumers want to see their favorite brands making a bigger impact in local communities.

“Prosumers” are the influencers and market-driving consumers that are 6-18 months ahead of mainstream consumers.

What are you doing to bring your cause partnerships to life in a meaningful and strategic way in local communities? Are you efficient & effective?

Expert Guidance for You

Scale Up & Go Local Toolkit & Infographic

Dowload INPEx’s "Scale Up & Go Local Toolkit & Infographic" on our cause marketing resources page.

      • Self Assessment Tool: See how well you are realizing the potential of your cause programs
      • Expert Guidance: Learn what it takes to improve your results
      • Infographic: Learn about the power of local cause activation

cause marketing

Cause Marketing Forum Conference 2016

Image Credit: Cause Marekting Report Card

Trisha Stezzi, Cause Marketing Strategist & Marketing Director, INPEX: Trisha has been developing research-based insights, creative strategies and innovative cause partnership solutions for companies and nonprofits since 1997. She has a wealth of valuable, real-world experience and a passion for innovation and social good.

We've mastered the strategies and technology needed to activate consumers & employees in their own neighborhoods at previously unattainable scale - without breaking the bank. We call it local activation at scale.

Our clients call it measurable ROI, triple-digit growth, and social impact.

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