Catalyst Council

CATalyst Council’s mission is to connect and collaborate to advance the health, welfare and value of companion cats.  A key challenge is overcoming the widespread misconception that cats do not need consistent veterinarian care throughout their lives.  CATalyst Council needed a reliable and affordable way to educate thousands of pet adopters about the proper care of cats and to connect them with a local veterinarian at the point of adoption.  INPEx was brought in to accomplish this – at scale.


Create a digital platform to accompany, encourage and facilitate a journey that starts at the moment of adoption and continues until the start of, likely, a lifelong relationship with a local veterinarian for proper ongoing pet care.


Utilize INPEx’s proven Tech-Touch® activation system to empower shelter counselors to help the adoptive parent select a local veterinarian which then triggers an automated workflow that includes a series of strategic communications to both the selected veterinarian and the adoptive parent until the relationship is solidified.


Every adoptive pet parent at participating shelters receives pet care information and selects a local veterinarian at the moment of adoption. Automated follow-up communications further facilitate the achievement of this important relationship. This program is currently in the build phase.


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