6 Factors Driving the Success of Jockey’s GOLD Halo Award Winning Program

6 Factors Driving the Success of Jockey’s GOLD Halo Award Winning Program

6 Factors Driving the Success of Jockey’s GOLD Halo Award Winning Program

Jockey Being Family and INPEx were honored with a GOLD Cause Marketing Halo Award in the Best Social Services Campaign category at the 14th Annual Cause Marketing Forum Conference on June 2 in Chicago. A total of 20 awards were given out to programs judged to be the best at “doing well by doing good” in 2015.

Jockey Cause Marketing Forum Halo Award INPEX

Jockey Being Family’s Award Winning Program

Jockey Being Family videoWhen a child is adopted into a family from the foster care system, post adoption support for that family essentially vanishes. This support is essential, because -sadly- 15% of all US adoptions actually fail, sending the child back to the foster care system.  The impact on the child and the societal and economic cost of failed adoptions is huge. Jockey is the only company that provides post-adoption support services to adoption agencies and families coast-to-coast.

The Jockey Being Family Backpack Program includes a personalized backpack for the adopted child filled with sentimental and useful items for the child as well as a parent tote bag for parents that delivers essential post-adoption support resources (education, references to services, etc.).  Jockey knows the importance of giving a child their own belongings when they join their new family - and that the right resources can help parents through the adoption journey. Jockey is progressing quickly toward its goal of supporting 100% of adoptive families in America.

Halo Award Winning Elements of Success

Jockey’s program delivers on six essential elements of a best-in-class cause marketing program:

cause marketing Identified a completely unmet societal need: When a child is adopted into a family from the foster care system, post adoption support for that family essentially vanishes.  Jockey is the only U.S. company that provides post-adoption services through its partners, as their primary cause to assist organizations and families coast-to-coast.

cause marketing Jockey executed a rigorous pilot test experience - to identify challenges and best practices to inform the development of a working model for expansion.

cause marketing Jockey harnessed a proven, cloud-based technology and support-system, Tech-Touch - to make a rapid, national scale up of the delivery of post adoption support services affordable and feasible. The national expansion included securing participation from adoption agencies in all fifty states, who collectively will facilitate the adoption of over 10,000 children in 2016, which represents 20% of the 50,000 children adopted domestically each year.

cause marketing Jockey leveraged every element of its marketing mix – including retail stores; catalog; digital; customer loyalty rewards; to drive sales and raise awareness and funds.  Over 3,000,000 consumers were reached with catalog and online catalog appeals. To raise money, Jockey employs a mix of online, retail and event sales techniques to sell teddy bears, key chains and bracelets, and collects donations with $1, $5 & $10 scan cards in outlet centers nationwide.

cause marketing Jockey fully engages its employees – both in headquarters and with charity checkout in all retail store outlets. More than 75% of Jockey associates volunteered more than 8,000 hours. All employees, from corporate to store associates, are engaged and incentivized to participate in a variety of ways, as a result, the 2015 in-store donation goal was exceeded by 21%.

cause marketing Jockey delivered business and cause mission outcomes that just a few years ago seemed unimaginable – the first year of national expansion supported 10% of all USA adopted children and their families; year two will support 20% of all US adoptions.  The mechanisms are now in place to support ALL 50,000 domestic adoptions/year within the next few years.

Learn more about how Jockey Being Family has achieved success with this Halo Award-winning program in our previous blog post.

Thank You!

Thank you Cause Marketing Forum for the incredible honor of receiving this GOLD Halo Award, and for the increased exposure the award brings to the important cause of post-adoption services to families.

And, a big thank you to all the hundreds of wonderful Cause Marketing Forum attendees that helped hand-write love notes that will be included within the backpacks!  “Love makes a family!”

Jockey cause marketing     Jockey cause marketing     Jockey cause marketing

Get Involved!

Contact us if you are a company that would like to join the Jockey Being Family Backpack program by providing items for the child backpacks or partner tote bags or by reaching adoptive families by via the upcoming Jockey Being Family online Parent Resource Center.

Watch Selfish Giving's Joe Waters interview INPEx CEO, Tali Schwartz, about Jockey's Halo Award-winning program at the Cause Marketing Forum here.

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