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Golden Halo Award Winner
Best Business Model Integration
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Our Services

  • Strategic Action Plan

    The key to maximizing ROI on national cause partnerships is local activation, yet achieving this is often extremely challenging. We provide the expertise, strategic guidance and detailed tactical plan you need.
  • Tech~Touch™

    Tech~Touch® is INPEx’s proven solution for scaling up local market activation and sales efforts through an innovative combination of cloud-based technology, expert strategy and proactive human support that delivers measurable ROI against strategic goals.
  • Employee Engagement Strategy

    Studies show that the dollar value of an engaged employee is $2,400 and companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. We help our clients create real value through effective employee engagement.
  • Cause-Related Sales & Marketing Channel Development

    Your product is perfect for certain causes and their passionate supporters. But how do you make the sales efficiently to independently operated local chapters and organizations? The sustainable marketing channel and sales program we created and administer for one of our Fortune 500 clients achieves 7-figure annual sales.
  • Event-In-a-Box for Program Activation at Scale

    How do you engage key stakeholders in programs and events at scale? With a customized activation system that provides the right tools and support at the right time, with built in measurement for continuous improvement.
  • Nonprofit Strategic Guidance & Training

    INPEx offers a broad range of strategic consultation services and training opportunities to assist nonprofit leadership in more efficiently and effectively achieving mission-related goals to better serve their constituents.

We’re so proud to announce that the Tech-Touch driven program for our Zoetis client ‘Zoetis For Shelters‘ won a GOLD 2014 Cause Marketing Forum Halo Award in the category of ‘Best Business Model Integration‘! Congratulations to Zoetis and the Zoetis For Shelters team!

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