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  • Grass Roots Activation

    INPEx has specialized in designing and executing local, grass roots, cause program activation for over 25 years. We have focused on it because our clients know it has always been a powerful marketing tool – equipping someone at the neighborhood level to promote a branded program to their friends and neighbors. It is the ultimate endorsement – an activator that drives sales and donations and passion. With the advent of Social Media, it has become even more powerful. The challenge has always been how to deliver these programs with positive ROI - at scale - for both the corporate brand and the cause partner; how to deliver ROI². How to do it with a reasonable budget; how to monitor and measure what’s going on in those one-on-one interactions and social media postings – by the millions.

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  • The New Paradigm: Tech~Touch™

    Working with Nestle Purina and Pfizer and their networks of thousands of nonprofit program partners, INPEx has transformed the business model for achieving local level activation and ROI². In this Tech~Touch model, we have retained our “Touch”; our Relationship Managers build and nurture genuine relationships with grass roots cause ambassadors so that they will embrace a corporate partner’s support program with passion and energy. From years of experience, we know the sensitivities around what they can do, what they won’t do, how to communicate with them, how to motivate them, how to celebrate with them and how to get them back on track when they falter. It’s genuine engagement. And now with the “Tech” component, we can do this at scale. We have built elegant technology solutions that give thousands of ambassadors for a cause program their own personal web interface that equips them with 24/7 communications and execution support – so they can effectively reach millions of their friends. And behind the scenes, our Relationship Managers, and our corporate brand manager clients, see real-time performance metrics that drive effective, business building action steps.

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  • Developing System Architecture

    It’s imperative to provide your supporters with a cost efficient, meaningful support network. Let us help you design a system that will act not only as a communication hub, but will allow you to manage any and all of your specific program needs – everything from applications to product donations to branded material distribution. We’ll create an easy to navigate, powerful “one-stop shop” for your supporters. This system benefits more than your engagement network. Tech~Touch gives your program staff and relationship managers a powerful suite of cloud-based, mobile friendly management tools – with 24-7 connectivity.

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  • Product Sales to Nonprofit Groups

    Cause marketing programs need to provide significant value, but they don’t need to be free to partners. INPEx has developed Win- Win programs that sell critical products at a very significant discount. These types of programs can:
    • Build significant goodwill by the nonprofits and their supporters
    • Generate product sampling that will increase product and brand awareness
    • Create new communication and distribution channels
    • Generate content for social media
    • Fund themselves or even generate a profit
    Small nonprofits are often ignored because the cost of maintaining relationships is too high to make it economical. However, with Tech~Touch and e-commerce we are able to manage the relationships in a cost effective way.

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We’re so proud to announce that the Tech-Touch™ driven program for our Zoetis client ‘Zoetis For Shelters‘ won a GOLD 2014 Cause Marketing Forum Halo Award in the category of ‘Best Business Model Integration‘! Congratulations to Zoetis and the Zoetis For Shelters team!

For more information on the award, and our full Cause Marketing Forum 2014 experience, check out the INPEx blog:

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